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      Remembering when you could eat from a tray that hung from a partially opened car window certainly dates you, and if Yaw's Top Notch and the Speck ring a bell, better pull up that rocking chair. Jim Dandy may be the last of the hot rodder's hang outs.

     Serving food since 1937, and hosting illegal drag races since Sandy Boulevard was paved, this outpost of the past can still sling a mean burger. With a side of fries and a thick shake - over 100 flavor combinations to choose from - your road meal puts the puny burgers offered up by the national franchise to shame. In a nod to the aging cardiovascular systems of most motorheads, Jim Dandy does offer garden burgers, salads, chicken, fish entrees, and a vegan menu.

      The carhops are gone; nowadays you eat in a cheery dining room postered with photos of Portland past, newspaper clippings (including one about a small riot (25 teens)in the parking lot back in 1960 when the police pulled over a local boy and the neighbors took exception to his treatment - all were acquited), and snapshots of the chopped and channeled hot rods that still congregate here every so often.

     Jim Dandy is one of the oldest Drive-In's in Oregon and is part of the Smithsonian Exhibit, "America on the Move" in Washington D.C.. It has also been a feature in Albert Drake's book publications on Hot Rodding.

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